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Hillsville Christian Church
The church is governed by the congregation as represented by the church board.  Business of the church is conducted under the auspices of the board by eight departments.
Membership:  Responsible for the care of our members.  The department mission is to provide opportunities for joyful fellowship and meaningful interaction among members.
Christian Education:  Has the responsibility to oversee, develop and implement the total Christian Education of the church.  This department is to provide for the growth of all church members, equipping them for ministry through educational groups and fellowship programs.
Worship:  Works to encourage Christian growth through worship and fellowship.  The department works with the Pastor and the Music Department to coordinate services that uplift all who attend.
Outreach:  Is responsible for all local, national and international mission activities of the church.
Evangelism: Provides for outreach to visitors, making certain they are contacted and invited to join in the fellowship at Hillsville Christian, and for interacting with the community.
Youth and Recreation:  Is dedicated to providing activities for the youth of the church in an atmosphere of Christian love and fellowship.
Stewardship:  Works closely with the Church Board and the heads of the various departments to discuss and plan all the church’s financial policies.  It is also responsible for creating the annual church budget.
Property:  Has the responsibility for the upkeep and improvement of all buildings and grounds at Hillsville Christian.  It involves and informs the Church Board and congregation on actions concerning legal and insurance matters and supervises custodial personnel.


120 Edgewood Drive
Hillsville, Virginia 24343


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