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Hillsville Christian Church
Most people have a few questions about their first visit to a church.  We have tried to anticipate some of these questions so you can feel comfortable when you visit!
Where do I park? The sanctuary (where Sunday morning services are held) is most easily reached from the parking lot just to the north of the main building. The parking lot is entered off of Main Street.  You enter the Sanctuary through the double doors at the top of the flight of stairs fronting on Main Street. Alternately you may continue around the southwest corner of the building to a single door that provides access to an elevator that will take you to the Sanctuary level.  Street parking is available on Edgewood Drive, the street that borders the church grounds on the south.  When parking on Edgewood Drive the most convenient entry is through the door at the top of the handicap accessible sidewalk on the southwest corner of the building.
Is there handicap access?  Hillsville Christian Church provides handicap access.
Are there Greeters?  Upon entry youíll find Greeters ready to welcome you to worship and guide you to other parts of our building.
Are there children at Worship?  Children of all ages are always welcome to join us in worship.  Itís okay if they have the wiggles! Partway through the service, children will be invited to the front of the Sanctuary to gather for Childrenís Time.  We do provide for childcare for infants and toddlers in the Nursery during the morning worship service.  The Nursery is located on the lower level of the Church building and is staffed by loving volunteers.
Where do I sit?  Feel free to sit anywhere in the Sanctuary.  Our Greeters will assist you if you have any questions.  Visitor cards are located on the back of each pew. Please take a moment to fill out the information.
Is communion celebrated?  Hillsville Christian celebrates communion every Sunday.  We hold the elements and partake in unison.  The serving trays include water in place of grapejuice and gluten free bread  for those with alergies. All are welcome at Godís Table.
What is appropriate dress? We want you to feel comfortable.  Suits to jeans are okay.
Offering:  Hillsville Christian is supported through the tithes and offerings of its members.  Visitors are welcome to contribute, but it is not expected.


120 Edgewood Drive
Hillsville, Virginia 24343


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